• Aloe moisturizing sun block lotion for face and body Po Care - TV000158

Aloe moisturizing sun block lotion for face and body Po Care - TV000158

  • Brand: Po Care
  • Product Code: 2868-01
  • Country of dispatch: Thailand
  • Vendor code: TV000158
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270 THB
Scarlet moisturizing sun lotion for face and body Po Care SPF 50 (45 ml.)
Aloe Vera extract is rich in vitamins and minerals, Aloe Vera reduces skin irritation, protects it from ultraviolet ray, helps to stimulate collagen and differentiate elastin, which make the skin healthy, protect it from premature aging and reduce the appearance of small wrinkles.
Natural honey extract, which is part of the cream is rich in antioxidant substances, vitamin e, B, C and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and amino acid, which favorably affect the skin.
Benzophenone - 3 is an organic compound used in sunscreens. The FDA and management agencies in Canada and the EU have approved the use of oxybenzone as a safe and effective sunscreen component. It is used as a component in sunscreen and other cosmetics because this compound absorbs UVB and short wave UVA (ultraviolet) rays.
The oil from grape seed is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for skin. It contains more linoleic acid than many other oils.
Tocopheryl acetate is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from free radical, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and increases the elasticity of the skin and the skin looks healthier.
Application: for face and body.
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