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180.00 THB
Lifting cream gel for the face Darawadee in the range:
- Aloe Vera and snail slime;
- Snake venom and collagen.
Wonderful anti-aging cream for face with collagen, natural oils and extracts will make Your face worthy of the cover of fashionable glossy magazine. The effectiveness of the product is due to its exceptional composition.
Fashion in modern cosmetology snail slime will provide speedy regeneration of damaged cells, their active division and renewal. Essential proteins and collagen, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, "fills" wrinkles from the inside, smoothing the relief of the face and pulling it oval. Snail slime moisturizes, it contains many nutrients, as produced by the "hostess" for the restoration of damage to the shell and body. Regular use helps to reduce to "no" the manifestation of freckles, age spots and small scars, evens skin tone.
A special protein extract of snake venom is being actively used by cosmetologists. This ingredient in the creams and masks for the face rejuvenates, tightens and removes even the deepest wrinkles. Snake venom is an extremely useful component that is a part of a variety of drugs and cosmetics. The substance blocks the muscular activity, as well as treating the skin, promoting rapid cell regeneration.
Collagen produced by our skin alone, but with the years its quantity decreases, which causes the skin to feel discomfort, lose elasticity and smoothness. The cream contains a loading dose of collagen, which not only smoothes existing wrinkles but also prevent new. All this without pain, injections and operations.
Aloe Vera turns an ordinary cream in a super nourishing moisturizer. Cells saturated with moisture, aktiviziruyutsya the processes of recovery and renewal, production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. A person acquires a healthy, homogeneous tone, forever saying goodbye to pimples, dryness and discomfort.
Application: apply the cream on clean dry skin, RUB in gentle massage movements. Use the cream morning and evening.
100 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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