• Anti-aging brightening face cream with mulberry Isme - TV001011

Anti-aging brightening face cream with mulberry Isme - TV001011

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Famous Thai firm Isme has released a cream with multiple action: it not only moisturizes and nourishes the skin and fights hyperpigmentation. In South-East Asia, where summer active sun all year round, the problem of darkening of the skin is very serious: clean, bright, shining face – the ultimate dream of many beauties who ready to do anything to achieve the desired goal. A special harmonious combination of selected components, embodied in light texture, spiced with a pleasant aroma, to gently, safely, and effectively solve the problem of age spots and freckles and to tighten and smooth the skin, restoring it smoothness and tone.
Mulberry extract, mulberry or berry, in combination with arbutin helps reduce the synthesis of melanin – the pigment that causes darkening of separate areas. As a result, available spots are gradually smoothed out, and the new do not disturb its appearance.
Glutathione is a strong antioxidant, which neutralizes the main cause of aging – free radicals, nourishes the skin with natural brightness and glow. Aloe Vera – a source of over 200 nutrients that can help soothe inflammation and irritation, to heal acne, wounds, acne, moisturize skin, get rid of puffiness, dryness and signs of fatigue. Elastin and collagen, which are "related" substances for the organism, improve skin elasticity and tone, fight sagging, restores moisture balance in the epidermis.
The cream is economical to use, has a pleasant aroma, easily absorbed, not slipping under the makeup and without leaving a sticky film. Rich in mineral components, this nourishing cocktail of beauty will certainly appeal to Your skin.
Application: apply a small amount of cream on clean dry skin, gently massaging until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use twice a day – morning and evening.
10 ml.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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