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Face cream with snail secretion Snail White Namu Life (Snail secretion filtrate moisture facial cream)

Manufacturer: Namu Life
Product code: 3576-01
Vendor code: TV000866
Availability: Are available
Price: 7.11USD

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Face cream with snail Snail secretion is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive and delicate skin.
Thanks to its powerful restorative properties of snail slime has been widely used in cosmetics, as it has strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
Furthermore, slime cochlea has the unique property to create a protective film which is moisture, but it is perfectly breathable.
Slime of snails also has a powerful regenerative effect. This was first noticed breeding shellfish factories. Workers who bred them, your skin is reminiscent of children's skin. Abrasions and scratches on the hands of breeders healed much faster than those who do not come into contact with clams.
Regenerating properties due to its content of allantonina, glycolic acid, collagen and elastin. Balms and creams based on snail slime effectively fight against stretch marks, scars and acne.
Allantoin gives elasticity and smoothness of the skin, stimulates the regeneration of tissue, promotes healing of wounds and prevents the formation of keloids.
Collagen and elastin in the skin retain moisture, creating a special barrier to its evaporation and nourishes the skin with oxygen.
Vitamin A (retinol) has a pronounced anti-aging effect and depegmentiruyuschy, stimulates collagen synthesis, improves the quality of the newly formed tissue. It decreases the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which makes this component of one of the most effective in combating the symptoms of acne.
Vitamin C - a natural antioxidant. It is necessary for synthesis of collagen and elastin, vitamin E enhances the effect and prevents the fragility of vessels. In polluted environments skin is particularly in need of this vitamin.
Vitamin E protects the skin from harmful UV rays, enhances the natural protective barrier of the skin, stimulates the growth and renewal of skin cells.
Chitosan has the ability to retain moisture in the cells.
Glycolic acid - natural exfoliant purifies sebaceous ducts, promotes the penetration of other active substances into the skin.
Properties cream with snail secretion:
- Evenly and naturally regenerates the skin.
- Aligns the complexion.
- It stimulates the regeneration of new cells.
- Reduces and smooths wrinkles, tightens facial contours.
- Prevents premature aging.
- Treats pigmentation marks from acne, scars (due to the reduction of scar tissue). It stimulates wound healing.
- Reduces the symptoms of an allergic rash, irritation, reduces inflammation of the skin.
- Reduces acne, prevent its occurrence. Tightens pores.
- Retains moisture in the dry and irritated skin.
- Controls excess sebum for combination and oily skin.
- Antioxidant.
Application: Apply the cream on clean face dot and pull it toward the face lines. Pay special attention to areas of scars, dark spots. You can use as a foundation.
Slime of snails prevents allergic reactions.
Contraindications: idiosyncrasy components.


Composition of the product Deionized water; Snail secretion filtrate; Pentanediol; Butyrospermum Parkii; Dicaprylyl carbonate; Niacinamide BP (Vitamin B3); Centella asiatica extract; Morus nigra fruit extract; Rubus idaeus (Raspberry); Prunus avium (Sweet cherry) extract; Fragaria vesca (Strawberry) fruit extract; Zingiber offinale (Ginger) root extract; Bisabolol; Dipotassium glycyrrhizate; Lavendula stoechas extract; Sodium polyglutamate or natto gum; Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid; Glycerine; Sodium stearoyl glutamate; Xanthan gum; Phenoxyethanol; Carbomer; Triethanolamine; Panax ginseng callus culture extract; PEG-90M.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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