• Ultra moisturizing facial mask on the basis of horse fat Horse Oil Yanchuntang Belov - TV001686

Ultra moisturizing facial mask on the basis of horse fat Horse Oil Yanchuntang Belov - TV001686

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Ultra moisturizing whitening facial mask on the basis of horse fat Horse Oil Yanchuntang Belov for intensive super hydration and nutrition dry skin prone to fading.
The active components of the mask will give your skin nutrition and hydration. The mask is recommended especially to owners of dry and normal skin type for regular maintenance in order to replenish the moisture in the dermis and nutrition of skin cells useful fatty acids and vitamins. It is known that the type of skin prone to dryness, and even different fineness of the epidermis. That is why the cells have less ability to retain moisture inside. Process constant moisture loss leads to wrinkles that are formed on the active surface of the skin, especially facial. Face mask based on the horse fat Horse Oil Yanchuntang Aqua Ultra Moisturizing Whitening Mask, created in order to prevent these problems and provide a complete skin care for a long time.
As a part of horse fat, which is the active component mask includes a large number of essential amino acids and useful. It is known that the amino acids to prevent premature aging of cells, because they are able to neutralize the action of free radicals. Thanks amino acids can easily save the youth and strength of the dermis cells.
One of the most unique amino acids Arginine named horse fat. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, muscle fibers and improves skin tone cells. The result will be visible on the face, when tighten oval face, wrinkles disappear and vascular mesh on the wings of the nose and under the eyes. Useful minerals horse fat heal small wounds, prevent the formation of acne and inflammation, smooth scars on the skin. It is noted that the horse fat easily and maximally absorbed by the body. This remarkable property of the component provides an incredible effect of the Aqua Ultra Moisturizing Whitening Mask.
Many women over the years, faced with the emergence of pigment spots in the cheeks, nasolabial triangle, dark circles under the eyes. These spots give the face a tired appearance and added age appearance. Whitening arbutin component in the mask Aqua Ultra Moisturzing Whitening Mask eliminate this problem and establish the production of skin melanin, prevent an increase in pigmentation.
Mask Aqua Ultra Moisturizing Whitening Mask is suitable for all skin types.
Application: Apply the mask before going to bed on a cleansed face, avoiding the area under the eyes and mouth, leave overnight. In the morning rinse with water and apply a daily caregiver means.
100 ml.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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