Hydrating and Whitening Lotion with Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid Hada Labo - TV001601

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Gentle whitening lotion with hyaluronic acid, arbutin and vitamin complex care, brightening and smoothing of the skin from the Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Hada Labo.
Japanese skin lotions Hada Labo gained immense popularity due to the excellent moisturizing and toning the skin properties. In Japan, lotions Hada Labo - it is an absolute leader in sales of cosmetics looking after.
Moisturizing and toning lotion for the face Hada Labo with whitening effect is instantly absorbed, moisturizes, brightens age spots, improves skin tone and makes the skin healthy and radiant.
Arbutin, included in the lotion Hada Labo, blocks the production of melanin pigment and prevents the formation of age spots and freckles, softens and evens skin tone.
Vitamin C as part of Hada Labo Lotion strengthens the walls of blood vessels and removes the "spider veins", contributes to lightening age spots and traces of pimples.
Hada Labo Whitening lotion contains three types of hyaluronic acid for all layers deep moisturizing of the skin and to protect against moisture loss from the skin. It is quickly absorbed, does not clog pores, it has a matte effect, reduces redness and irritation.
As part of Hada Labo Lotion is not harmful for the components of the skin - lotion does not contain alcohol, fragrances, mineral oils and preservatives.
Hada Labo Lotion is transparent, odorless and does not require the use of a cotton disc.
Application: pour a small amount on the palm and pat lotion spread over his face. Just a couple of seconds after application of the lotion is absorbed and is almost not felt on the skin. Lotion Hada Labo combined with any withdrawal means - after use of the lotion may be applied to the skin cream or whey.
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