• Nourishing cream for dry skin with horse oil Guerisson 9 complex - TV001638

Nourishing cream for dry skin with horse oil Guerisson 9 complex - TV001638

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South Korean high-quality nourishing cream for comprehensive care for dry skin, especially during the cold time of the year based on natural horse oil.
Super nourishing cream quality professional packaging helps to solve all the problems of dry, irritated and chapped skin, cream Guerisson 9 complex based on natural horse fat is rich in vitamin E, nourishes the skin, helps to restore skin elasticity and protects during the day from the cold and wind .
In addition to the intensive nutrition and moisturizing skin cream evens tone, lighten dark spots or marks after the pimples.
Complex Cream Guerisson 9 complex has a high quality medical formula without preservatives and can be used even for the care of children's skin when the baby in the cold weather-beaten cheeks.
South Korean super nutrient formula cream for dry and chapped skin contains natural horse oil, ceramides, niacinamide, adenosine, peppermint extract, sage, rosemary, lavender, rose, lemon balm, chamomile and bergamot oil.
Equine oil in a cream Guerisson 9 complex restores skin cells and promotes their early recovery, reduces the permeability of the skin, reduces water loss and improves the elasticity of the epidermis.
The cream is especially recommended for dry, flabby skin prone to flaking. Also cream with horse oil can be applied not only to the face but also on the very dry areas of the body, the skin on rough elbows or knees.
Cream Guerisson 9 complex has a delicate soufflé texture (literally melts into the skin) and a nice unobtrusive flavor.
70 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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