• Gold collagen anti-wrinkle serum Gold - TV000109

Gold collagen anti-wrinkle serum Gold - TV000109

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Gold concentrated serum is instantly absorbed, leaving no stickiness and fat content, can be applied both alone and before using the cream's active ingredients will penetrate deeper and act more effectively. The main component of the serum – Collagen, which is produced in the body to maintain the elasticity of the ligaments, cartilage and skin. Over time, the amount of collagen decreases and deficiency leads to signs of aging, including wrinkles. Absorbed into the deeper layers, the collagen works to fill the wrinkles, but it also stimulates the body to actively produce their own similar substance, thereby allowing to quickly see the results. Bio gold, which enriched the product has a high antibacterial activity, fights successfully with freckles and age spots, freshens the complexion, improves blood circulation, has a rejuvenating and sipping action.  The serum is very economical, it does not roll under makeup, if you use twice a day not just eliminates a variety of imperfections ranging from acne and ending with the wrinkles, but also protects from their appearance.

100 ml.

Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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