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  • Gel for the skin around the eyes Isme - TV000104

Gel for the skin around the eyes Isme - TV000104

  • Brand: Isme
  • Product Code: 2814-01
  • Vendor code: TV000104
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Isme Gel for the skin around the eyes with an extract of grape seed and witch hazel Virginia nourishes the skin around the eyes, it whitens, eliminating dark circles around the eyes, smoothing fine wrinkles around the eyes, reduces swelling. The skin around your eyes moisturized and rejuvenated, it becomes soft, smooth and supple. You look younger. The gel has a regenerating effect. The grape seeds contain alpha gidrokisloty (AHA). They weaken the link between the scales of the horny layer of the epidermis, accelerating the natural process of separation, which promotes skin renewal. ANA can be used in all types of skin:
Oily skin with a tendency to acne:
Thanks exfoliative action ANA purified excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, preventing them from clogging and the formation of acne.
When using ANA decreases the likelihood of complications of acne scarring. AHA Application facilitates skin penetration of active ingredients for the treatment of acne.
Dry skin:
Through the action of AHAs is effectively removing surface scales old horny layer, which facilitates the penetration of moisturizers into the skin.
Uniform exfoliation provided by ANA, considerably softens rough, dry skin, restores normal skin pattern.
Age (mature) skin:
Thanks to AHA peeling effect occurs elimination of horny layers, preventing the penetration of nutrients necessary for the regeneration and protection of mature skin.
AHA peels remove the horny scales, roughened skin pattern and emphasize wrinkles and prevents their appearance. Exfoliate dead horny scales stimulates the normal regeneration of skin cells.
Hyperpigmented skin:
Through exfoliating AHA is more active removal of excess skin from the surface layers of horny scales, which facilitates the spread of a bleaching preparations and increases their efficiency. Besides peeling effect, tartaric and citric acid (tartaric acid) have a whitening effect on the skin.
By removing dead horny scales hyperpigmented, ANA provides a progressive decrease in hyperpigmentation.
Application: Apply the gel to the skin around the eyes with gentle movements every day, morning and evening.
10 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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