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  • Tea made from rosebuds - TV000252

Tea made from rosebuds - TV000252

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Infusion rosebuds can be used as a standalone drink, and if you brew them together with other teas, they give them a bright floral fragrance and new shades of infusion. Especially good rosebuds added to the Puer teas and red, but you can add them to the green. Puer tea rose flowers give a special sweet fruity tint enhance the warming effect of tea. This drink is ideal for autumn, winter and spring, as This combination strengthens the body's defenses and increases resistance to colds. It also helps to relax from the stress and stimulates the nervous system. Tea roses pleases the eye with its appearance, improves mood delicate scent. Rose has antiviral activity, strengthens the immune system, normalize the oxygen supply to the body, pink tea superbly regulates emotional state, great effect on the endocrine system. Infusion of rose improves the blood capillaries of the skin. Rose Buds have a soothing effect and can be used in traumatic pain, rheumatic diseases, injuries, intercostal neuralgia. A water infusion (tea) slows the rate of formation of thrombin and fibrin.
- Treatment of periodontitis: a gauze or a cotton swab moistened with broth or strong Hydrolat roses and applied to the gums. You can also keep the mouth warm rose water. Bleeding from the gums and the pain stopped after 4-5 sessions. The inflammatory process is gradually disappearing, loosened teeth stronger, restored normal turgor and color gum disappears halitosis.
- Treatment of angina: 1-2 drops of rose oil to drip on the need to pipette glandular fever or grease with a swab (2-3 times a day, every 4-5 hours for 2-3 days). It can be used for rinsing.
- Treatment of diseases of the eye: Hydrolat roses need to pour into a glass eye bath (available in pharmacies), then the bath with rose water to make close to the eye, his head thrown back. In this position, the eyes open and close 10 times, and at the end of an open eye is turned to the right and to the left. The procedure must be performed in the morning and evening.
- If your eyes are very tired, you experience a sense of "sand in the eyes", they are watery, or you suffer from conjunctivitis, you can use rose water as eye drops to use 2 times a day, 2 drops. And wash the eyes pink broth. You can also make eye application, to impose on the eye swabs soaked and put water bath. This will help relieve eye strain, remove the pain and contribute to the treatment of chronic eye diseases.
- To prepare homemade pink lotion: brew a handful buds 0.5 liters of water in a thermos (you can add other herbs), insist night. Strain the broth and add 100 ml of any strong alcoholic drink or 50 ml of alcohol. Use as a cleansing lotion 1 time per day. This rose water optimizes the protective properties of the skin, normalizes the gland and gently cleanses the pores.
- To restore the tone: making applications. The rose water moistened cotton fabric, applied to different areas of the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin) and is removed after 5-7 minutes. After this simple procedure, you will feel the freshness, vivacity and a charge of good mood for the whole day.
Rose water - world famous for skin rejuvenation and daily care of her. O healing properties of roses and rose water has been known to mankind since ancient Rome and ancient Persia. It's just a miracle cure, which has a unique anti-aging properties, and also has a charming smell, improves mood.
- To get rid of fatigue: simply put on the face a small amount of rose water. You can dampen the cloth or a handkerchief and wipe the face, or wash with rose water in the morning - and you will feel much lighter and more energetic you have been feeling. Regular washing with rose water not only relieve chronic fatigue, but also help to preserve your youthful skin.
- After anti-cellulite massage: to make applications to the body with decoction of rose buds. To do this is to moisten in warmed up to 37 degrees broth fabric and wrap her body for 5-7 minutes. This will enhance the effect of massage and bring you a nice relaxation.
- Spa with rose water: have a very strong positive effect. You need only 250-500 ml of rose water, diluted in the bath. It will bring you relaxation, relieve fatigue and stress, improve mood. Moreover, the bath with rose water relieve skin inflammation and allergic rashes. It is recommended to do such a bath for infants and children, as well as people who have traced a long depression.
- The broth can be used in intimate feminine hygiene.
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