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  • Coconut oil Tropicana - TV000027

Coconut oil Tropicana - TV000027

  • Brand: Tropicana
  • Product Code: 2737-01
  • Country of dispatch: Thailand
  • Vendor code: TV000027
  • Availability: In Stock
380 THB

Firm Tropicana of Thai origin. All of her products are completely natural. The impetus for the development of such cosmetic products was the extraordinary beauty of Asian women. After all, they have flawless skin and beautiful hair.
Tropicana natural coconut oil is a prime example that is used daily by the beauties of Thailand. Coconut oil is cold-pressed to preserve the beneficial properties of the coconut. It is the composition of lauric, myristic and other fatty acids that allows you to get the following results:
1. Rejuvenation by getting rid of fine wrinkles. Myristic acid encourages our body to produce collagen, which helps smooth out expression lines.
2. Cold-pressed coconut oil is great for dry skin, soaking problem areas.
3. Soothing effect after a long, thorough tan. If you have been in the sun for too long, and now the skin is tightening, discomfort appears, then the oil will help get rid of them, restoring freshness and lightness.
4. Oil helps to cope with various irritations, for example, after waxing. Smoothes cracks in the skin, and also protects against roughness.
5. By applying oil to your hair, you will get a healthy shine, strengthen the structure, get rid of split ends.
6. Remove makeup after a hard, busy day. The next day you will look fresh and cheerful.
By the way, you can use it by adding it to a homemade scrub or cream. It is also widely used during professional massage.
You can buy natural coconut oil from us, in the Thai Voyage online store. Once the product reaches you, you may find that it is in a hardened state. This is a common reaction to temperatures below 24 degrees Celsius. Therefore, in such a situation, warm the oil in a water bath before use, or if the temperature in the room is higher, then let it warm up naturally.
250 ml.

Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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