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Body Cream Tropicana - TV000038
Coconut Tropicana for body cream restores and maintains moisture skin. Fruit acids, vitamin E and C make your skin smooth, micro collagen prevents skin aging and wrinkle formation. This cream can be called "cream", as it is very delicate. Application: Apply to clean skin of the body massage. ..
Body Lotion Tropicana - TV000037
Tropicana body lotion made from natural coconut oil, cold-pressed generated from eco-friendly with the addition of coconut extract the monkey bread tree. Monkey breadfruit contains a substance called oksiresveratrol, which is able to whiten the skin. The lotion penetrates the skin pores, ..
Coconut cream scrub Tropicana - TV000039
Coconut Tropicana scrub cream contains nourishing properties of coconut oil and aloe vera, it is rich in protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, E, C and F. Scrub gently exfoliates dead cells and gives your skin natural radiance, softness and tenderness, has a delicious, tender coconut-pean..
Coconut Foot Cream Tropicana - TV000043
Moisturizer for Tropicana feet with coconut oil makes the skin soft and smooth. Reduces dryness. Foot Cream is based on natural coconut oil and shea butter softens the skin heels. Application: Apply to clean skin on the feet. ..
Coconut hair conditioner without parabens Tropicana - TV000745
Coconut hair conditioner Tropicana in stock: coconut; summer; ozone. Therapeutic air conditioner Tropicana solves the problem of damaged, dry and split ends, providing them with nutrition and recovery, making them healthy and shiny. Regular use of the shampoo prevents hair loss and strengthen..
Coconut Lip Balm Tropicana - TV000044
Lip Balm Tropicana has all the benefits of the healing properties of coconut oil: heals and moisturizes the skin of the lips. Directions: Apply the balm on the lips. Also suitable for children. ..
5.56USD 4.58USD
Coconut Lip balm Tropicana - TV000045
Coconut Lip Balm is made from natural coconut oil, cold-pressed generated from environmentally friendly coconuts grown in the province of Surat Thani, in the Tapi River. Balm moisturizes your lips, prevents the formation of cracks on the lips. ..
Coconut medical hair conditioner Tropicana - TV000032
Coconut conditioner the Tropicana, made from coconut oil extract, Aloe Vera, and concentrated ginseng extract. The structure of the air conditioner also contains extracts of aloe vera and ginseng, provitamin B5. This conditioner is rich in lauric acid, due to its composition of natural unrefined ..
8.50USD 7.52USD
Coconut oil capsules Tropicana - TV000030
Natural coconut oil Tropicana in capsules made from selected coconut, cold-pressed, and observance of all technological processes, 100% safe and ready for consumption. Coconut oil capsules are very good for health, it contains a number of saturated fatty acids, and is recommended as a t..
Coconut oil mouthrinse Tropicana - TV000016
Natural 100% cold-pressed coconut oil from the Tropicana company from Thailand. Through this process, fully retains all the quality and beneficial properties of coconut. Made from selected, environmentally friendly coconut coast Tapi river, without chemical additives. For mouthwash. It prevents t..
Coconut oil Tropicana - TV000026
Tropicana Coconut oil intended for drinking. Its properties in the manufacture of: Unrefined. Made with cold-pressed. Use only clean coconuts. No additives (preservatives, flavors). The composition contains lauric acid (almost 50%) and myristic acid, and other fatty acids. ..
13.08USD 11.45USD
Coconut oil Tropicana - TV000027
  The company Tropicana Thai origin. Absolutely all of its products - natural. The impetus for the development of cosmetic products served as the extraordinary beauty of Thai women. After all, they have perfect skin and healthy hair. Natural coconut oil Tropicana - a striking example..
9.81USD 8.18USD
Coconut Shampoo hair Tropicana - TV000031
Tropicana Shampoo is made from coconut oil extract, Aloe Vera, and concentrated ginseng extract. Prevents hair loss, helps hair to maintain a healthy appearance, softness and silkiness. After applying the shampoo, the hair is easy to comb, become thick and obedient, retain natural moisture, due t..
8.50USD 7.52USD
Coconut soap Tropicana - TV000046
Tropicana Soap from natural coconut oil, cold pressed rich natural lauric acid contained in coconut and has a deep cleansing effect, strong antibacterial effect, kills germs and bacteria, learning a antioxidant effect. The skin becomes soft and radiant. It is recommended for both adults and child..
Day coconut cream Tropicana - TV000041
Nourishing Day Cream for Tropicana person on the basis of natural sunscreens protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It protects the skin against moisture loss and drying out. Your skin will always look young and healthy. Application: Apply lightly to cleansed face. ..