• Slimming Capsules Garcinia cambogia Thanyaporn - TV001242

Slimming Capsules Garcinia cambogia Thanyaporn - TV001242

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Garcinia - a natural product of high quality raw materials for the control of body weight. It contains extract from the rind of the fruit Garcinia cambogia (Garcinia cambogia). It provides a high chance to lose weight.
The extract from the bark of Garcinia cambogia has long been in the countries of South East Asia is used as an appetite suppressant for weight loss. It is believed that the addition of Garcinia makes food more "hearty and satisfying".
Hydroxycitric acid (the main component of garcinia) suppresses appetite and slows the conversion of excess carbon into fat, increases energy potential, helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, reduces fatty liver.
Application: 2-3 capsules 3 times a day, half an hour / hour before meals. Thus it is desirable to increase fluid intake.
Note the regularity of reception: 2 Garcinia extract single dose per day makes it possible to significantly reduce the need for food.
The course of 10 to 30 days (individually), may be repeated periodically.
In the package of 100 capsules. It contains no artificial additives!
Composition of the product Garcinia powder 84,04% (395 mg).
Packing Quantity (pcs) 100 capsules

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