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Therapeutic Thai Kongka balm Mho-Iang Brand in stock:
Yellow balm with ginger mountain Compound Phlai Balm is a pain relieving the fatigue and pain medication based on herbal components, is especially effective for pain in osteochondrosis.
Active ingredients: extract of mountain ginger, menthol; coconut oil; borneol; camphor and other herbal ingredients.
Thai Plai balm provides intense cooling and warming effect and is pleasant enough, not very distinct flavor.
Balm Plai is used:
- for muscular pain of any origin (radiculitis, bruises, myalgia, pain associated with muscle tension);
- during a massage to enhance the therapeutic effect, especially in osteochondrosis;
- for bruises, sprains, torn ligaments;
- headaches;
- insect stings (itching, swelling);
- to relieve fatigue and reduce pain.
- Dark green balsam Salet Phangphon Balm with clinacanthus nutans ideal for massage, to relieve tension from tired muscles, will resolve bruising, and the flavor of the balm helps You to relax.
During the massage you feel a warming effect, then cooling. Balm also helps reduce swelling from insect bites, removing pain and irritation.
Active ingredients: clinacanthus nutans, cajuput oil, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus oil.
Green balm Pa Ya Yal with nutans nutans helps in the treatment of sprains and muscular pains, bruises, swellings, and inflammations, rashes and skin diseases, has strong anti-bacterial properties. Relieves muscle spasms, swelling, itching and inflammation in insect bites, disinfects and accelerates the process of tissue regeneration.
50 gr.
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