• Herbal oil for pain relief and treatment of varicose veins Isme Rasyan - TV001814

Herbal oil for pain relief and treatment of varicose veins Isme Rasyan - TV001814

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Natural oil with a herbal multi formula for effective and quick relief of muscular and joint pain and treatment of varicose veins from the Thai producer – ISME cosmetic, producing a series of natural products for the domestic market.
The unique formula of ISME Rasyan oil contains only natural ingredients: it is a variety of herbs and oil extracts from them:
- Salacia Cubana Chinese (salacia Cubana chimnenis),
- Anamirta (Anamirta -- such as sodium pentothal),
- Aanaxagorea luzonensis,
Website prostata foam contains Lynn, ginger (ginger),
- Derris (derris scandens,),
- Polanisia viscosa,
- Dipterocarpus winged (Shorea species).
Herbal oil helps in strong muscle pain (including after sports), sprains and contractions of muscles, with cramps, bruises, or pain in the joints and tendons. Well relieves pain in osteochondrosis, radiculitis, intercostal neuralgia.
ISME Natural herbal Rasyan oil stimulates blood circulation in vessels and capillaries, reduces venous stagnation phenomenon, so it is also recommended to people who spend long time standing (barbers, sellers, and others) for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, tired legs.
Application: apply oil on the skin and easy to massage into painful areas. Use 3-4 times a day. Do not allow to enter inside! The oil leaves no greasy residue, absorbs well and is economical to use.

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