• Speman Himalaya for men's health - IN002016-2605

Speman Himalaya for men's health - IN002016-2605

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Speman, 60 tablets-a natural remedy, the action of which is aimed at improving reproductive functions and maintaining male health. Its active ingredients improve the blood flow to the pelvic organs, stimulates spermatogenesis, reduces the viscosity of semen and increase sperm motility. It stimulates sexual desire, providing an aphrodisiac effect, and also supports optimal hormonal levels. In General, it has a rejuvenating effect on the body of a man.
The drug will come to the aid of a wide variety of disorders of male sexual function, such as erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness due to large mental and physical stress, decreased libido, prostatitis, low quality and quantity of sperm, insufficient sperm motility, problems with conception.

Active ingredient:
Astercantha longifolia (Astercantha longifolia). A powerful aphrodisiac, which is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for diseases of the genitourinary system in men.
Mucuna pruriens (Mucuna pruriens). Is a strong male aphrodisiac. The most valuable property of mukuna burning is that it promotes male fertility, stimulates the secretion of semen, increases the concentration of mobile sperm in sperm, strengthens potency, normalizes erectile function, and acts gradually and naturally, solving the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. 
Argyreia beautiful (Argyreia speciosa). It affects the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, while providing a tonic and rejuvenating effect. Causes an exciting effect.
Leptadenia reticulata (leptadenia reticulata). One of those tools that effectively restore and maintain vitality and endurance of the body. The name of the plant from the ancient Sanskrit language means as "bestowing vital energy". It is believed that it prevents signs of physical exhaustion and makes up for the lack of inner strength. The plant is used to improve overall health, maintain the genitourinary system and enhance libido.
Golden mosaic (Svarnavanga) is One of the most valuable drugs in Ayurvedic medicine from several points of view. It is specially refined gold and with the help of herbs processed powder. The product rejuvenates the body, improves speratogenesis, acts as an aphrodisiac, restores the hormonal system and adrenal glands. Increases libido, strengthens endurance, gives vigor, stimulates the sexual system as a whole.
Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). Promotes the improvement of the urinary system, has a tonic effect on it. It has a selective anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effect on the urinary system. It improves the quality of sperm, increases potency and serves as an excellent means of preventing prostatitis and adenoma. In addition, it helps with liver and kidney diseases. Cleanses them due to the significant content of silicic acid. It helps with joint diseases. Promotes the excretion of excess fluid from the body, eliminates swelling, is used in the treatment of urolithiasis.

Instructions for use: benign prostatic hyperplasia: 2-3 times a day, regardless of food intake, 2 tablets (in the future, the dose is gradually reduced); oligospermia: 3 times a day, 2 tablets for 4-6 months. The drug is recommended to be taken as prescribed and under the supervision of a specialist.

Composition speman: each tablet contains: extract: argireya beautiful (Argureria speciosa) - 64 mg, gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) - 64 mg, leptadenia (Leptadenia reticulata) - 64 mg, Parmelia (Parmelia perlata) - 32 mg, powders: Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) - 130 mg, Asteracantha longifolia (Asteracantha longifolia) - 64 mg, lettuce Wild (Lactuca serriola) - 32 Mg, mukuna burning (Mucuna pruriens) - 32 mg, Golden mosaic (svarnavanga) - 32 mg.

Active ingredients Beautiful argyrea (Argyreia speciosa), Astercantha longifolia, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Hokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Mesh leptadenia (Leptadenia reticulata), Burning mukuna (Mucuna pruri
Appointments for use Men's Health, Genitourinary System, Prostatitis

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