• Ointment for skin problems Satadhoutaghritam Kottakkal Ayurveda - IN002069-3409

Ointment for skin problems Satadhoutaghritam Kottakkal Ayurveda - IN002069-3409

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Satadhoutagritam, 20 g-a great ointment for external use, which will save You and your loved ones from most of the known skin diseases and troubles in the home, such as burns, cuts, bruises, dry skin, cracked heels, boils, wounds, herpes. It is completely natural and safe to use even for massage delicate baby skin, which is particularly prone to irritation.
This tool helps with such delicate problems as itching and rashes on the genitals and anus. Women during feeding helps to heal the skin on the nipples when they crack. The cream is used for healing other small wounds and microcracks that occur after shaving, hair removal, various types of aggressive cosmetic scrubbing procedures, as well as for sweating and wearing uncomfortable tight clothes. In addition, it well relieves fatigue from the legs.
The cream can be used for cosmetic purposes to smooth wrinkles. The gentle and light consistency of the product is quickly and deeply absorbed, helping Your skin to become more rested and well-groomed.
This ointment can be applied both independently and with such medicinal compositions as Tiktaka or Mahatiktaka Grita, as well as Mahatiktalepam.

Active ingredient:
Cherevichkina (Kshirivrikshatwak). The effective composition of the 5 plants that emit milky juice: Wool, Audumbar, Asvattha, Plaksa, Parish. Traditionally used in Ayurveda to treat skin diseases, acne, wounds and cuts.
Ghee ghee (ghee). "Liquid gold," as it is called in India. It is the best means for Ayurvedic oiling of the body, preservation of youth and rejuvenation. It enriches the skin with vitamins a and D. it penetrates Deeply into the skin and removes toxins from the body. In many preparations, ghee acts as a "transporting" means, bringing the necessary substances to the cells. Ghee oil has antioxidant properties that enable it to "collect" free radicals.

Instructions for use: RUB with light massaging movements into the damaged area of the skin.

Composition satadhoutagritam: every 10 g of the drug contain: kshirivrikshatvak (Kshirivrikshatwak): ficus Bengal (Ficus bengalensis) - 2.5 g, Ficus racemes (Ficus glomerata) - 2.5 g, ficus sacred (Ficus religiosa) - 2.5 g, ficus lecor (Ficus lecor) - 2.5 g, thespesia Sumatra (Thespesia populnea) - 2.5 g ghee ghee (ghee) - 10 g

Active ingredients Banyan (Ficus benghalensis), Kshirivrikshatwak (Kshirivrikshatwak), Ghee ghee (Ghee), Ficus racemose (Ficus glomerata), Ficus sacred (Ficus religiosa)
Appointments for use Child Health, Postpartum Recovery, Herpes, Skin Diseases
Intended For children, Bruises

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