• Ayurvedic laxative Isabgol Husk Patanjali - IN002288-709

Ayurvedic laxative Isabgol Husk Patanjali - IN002288-709

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Isabgol, 100 g is a natural laxative, an effective regulator of the functions of the intestine and the entire digestive tract. It has an ultra-soft effect. The product facilitates the promotion of intestinal masses by stimulating peristalsis and providing regular and healthy stools. The basis of the drug is fiber-complex carbohydrates that are not processed by stomach enzymes and have no nutritional value for us as such, but are perceived by the beneficial microflora of our intestines and are food for it. This reduces the absorption of fat, thereby helping to normalize lipid metabolism and reduce body fat mass. The therapeutic effect of Isabgol for intoxication and food poisoning is explained by the high concentration of fiber polysaccharides in its composition, which are characterized by the property of a pronounced molecular interaction of the substance with water, called hydrophilicity, due to which they form a gel-like mass. This leads to the fact that, passing through the gastrointestinal tract, this gel-like mass serves as a kind of macromolecular absorbent "sponge", normalizing the internal environment of the intestine and leading to uniformity of the masses contained in it. In addition, it absorbs toxic substances, neutralizes increased gas formation, preventing the occurrence of unpleasant sensations in indigestion, as well as heaviness and bloating. The drug helps to effectively reduce cholesterol and bile acids in liver diseases, as well as glucose, reducing their excessive content in the blood. Increasing nitrogen metabolism with feces, under the influence of the drug, actively reduces the level of urea in the plasma. The tool is used for constipation, intoxication, hemorrhoids and high cholesterol. The drug is very popular as a harmless natural remedy for weight loss and cleansing the body from slagging. Active ingredient: Plantago ovata (Plantago ovate). It is a plant that grows in very limited areas in India and the middle East. This type of plantain from ancient times to the present day is used by the people of India to solve many problems associated with digestion and intestinal cleansing. This overdelicate the drug is recognized in Ayurveda a unique regulator of activity of intestines and the digestive tract. The pharmacological effect of the plant is due to the high content of polysaccharides of fiber, which, acting as a sponge, absorbs all the toxins and slags, and then brings them out. Instructions for use: 1 teaspoon (5-10 grams) of the drug should be mixed with a glass of warm boiled water, milk or fruit juice and drink. Then wash down with another glass of water. It is advisable to use shortly before bedtime or as prescribed by an Ayurvedic specialist. ATTENTION! Do not swallow dry powder, as this may cause compression of the esophagus. Keep away from children! Contraindications: vomiting, abdominal pain, exacerbation of stomach ulcers or gastritis. It is not recommended to use the drug while taking other medications, as plantain can weaken their effect. The drug is recommended to be taken as prescribed and under the supervision of a specialist.

Active ingredients Plantain ovate (Plantago ovate)
Appointments for use Weight loss, weight Normalization, Elimination of toxins, Metabolism, Digestive system, Laxative, Hemorrhoids

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