• Natural Calcium Calicum Tablets Shri Ganga - Calicum Sri Ganga - IN002096-525

Natural Calcium Calicum Tablets Shri Ganga - Calicum Sri Ganga - IN002096-525

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Calicum, 100 tablets is a natural calcium preparation and an excellent supplement for all those who care about their health and the health of loved ones. Such an extremely useful biologically active food supplement can be given even to children, because it is completely natural. The presented calcium preparation contains powder from mollusk shells, which are distinguished by a high content of this important trace element. It is known that with a lack of calcium in the body, bone weakness, osteoporosis, various joint diseases, diarrhea and arrhythmia, redness of the eyes, various kinds of bleeding, burning sensation in the arms and legs, discomfort during urination and other symptoms can occur. Together, these signs, or individually, they can talk about a lack of calcium in the body. To avoid problems associated with the lack of this essential trace element, calcium should be taken in addition to the products containing it. Thanks to calcium from Sri Ganga, you will quickly notice how the condition of your teeth and nails has improved, and in general you will feel much better. You can buy Calcium from us at a very attractive price. Active Ingredients: Ash of a sea shell (Shankha bhasma). Powder of sea shells. Helps with gastrointestinal upsets, allergies. Improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails and teeth. It is prescribed for a general lack of calcium in the body, allergies, problems with teeth. Able to balance increased Pitta and Kapha dosha, such as increased acidity of the stomach, diarrhea, bleeding, burning sensation when urinating, irritation and inflammation of the eyes, numbness of the hands and feet. Useful for bronchopulmonary diseases: cough, tuberculosis and pleurisy. It is recommended for children with allergic conditions and a lack of calcium, as well as for pregnant women. Intensively compensates for calcium deficiency in osteoporosis, softening of bones. Used in the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The rules of writing (Corallum). Ground red coral powder. Very rich in calcium. Ayurveda is used to treat diseases associated with calcium deficiency, including joints and bones, such as osteoporosis and others. It is a hemostatic agent, usually used for various bleeding. Hirak Bhasma (Adamas). Diamond ash, refined and specially treated. It strengthens the heart, is a catalyst, soldered (restorative and anti-aging drug) and an aphrodisiac in its properties. Restores after diseases, strengthening all body tissues. Used to treat tuberculosis, oncology and abdominal disease, gives strength and boosts immunity. Since Chirac is useful for strengthening the body, increasing energy, improving the condition of the skin of the face, and is also effectively used in old age to slow down the aging process. Instructions for use: 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day. The drug is recommended to be taken as directed and under the supervision of a specialist. Contraindications: violation of calcium metabolism in the body.

Active ingredients Amla (Emblica officinalis), Danti (Baliospermum montanum), Seashell ash (Shankha bhasma), Writing Rules / Coral (Corallum), Hirak Bhasma (Adamas)
Appointments for use Allergy, Digestive System, Gastritis / Ulcer, Nausea, Vomiting, Arthritis / Joints, Teeth and Gums, Hair Loss, For Hair and Nails

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