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Silicone bra - a little trick for the perfect female breasts. Bra is not felt on the body, it is completely fused with your body. The use of silicone bra will allow you to wear dresses and tops with open back dress with thin straps or do without them, you will be able to afford the most revealing outfits! Silicone Bra is invisible clasp between the cups, which creates the effect of a raised chest. Invisible silicone bra is very easy to wear: cups have adhesive silicone surface, you just need to glue them to your chest. With proper care silicone bra can be used up to 100 times.
How to wear a silicone bra:
1. Wear Silicone Bra is only necessary to clean washed with soap and chest;
2. Place a cup of a bra on his chest tightly pressed it to the desired angle. If you want to change the angle of the symmetry, detach the cup and repeat the procedure again. Do the same with the second cup;
3. Fasten lock, tightly clutching the cup together.
If you want to create more expressive hollow - stick silicone invisible bra at a greater angle than the angle of your chest. Please note that frequent peeling cups may impair adhesion effect, in this case it is necessary to wash out the cup with water and dried, and only then you can repeat the procedure.
How to remove and care for silicone bra:
1. Carefully unfasten the lock and carefully detach the cup from the top part;
2. Be sure to wash invisible silicone bra after every use: circular motion with warm water and soap. This will clean the surface from contamination and extend the service life. Avoid contact with sharp objects and nail - it can damage the invisible bra;
3. For drying, do not use a towel, place an invisible silicone bra outdoors, cover it with something in order to avoid dirt and dust;
4. Invisible silicone bra is ready for use again after completely dry.
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