• Drops for women MohMee's U-thai Refreshment Drop - TV002328

Drops for women MohMee's U-thai Refreshment Drop - TV002328

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Special drops for women with a natural, all herbal formula to increase female libido, to relieve stress and anxiety, to harmonize the mind and body, to reveal femininity and sexuality.
Drops for women are a concentrated tincture of a combination of medicinal plants: ylang-ylag flowers, nutmeg, rose, jasmine flowers, dracaena, caesalpinia, safflower, Mansonia Gagei, Phalaenopsis Kenanga, borneol.
4-5 drops for women are diluted in 100 ml of ordinary water and drunk, the taste of such water becomes pleasant, herbal, cooling, and the color is beautiful hot pink.
A drink made from such rose water not only increases female sexuality and normalizes female hormonal levels and the menstrual cycle, but is also good for the heart, quenches thirst well, calms emotional stress, eliminates dizziness, headache, and improves overall well-being.
The rose drops formula for women was created by Thai doctor Mr. Mee Kasemsuwan.
60 ml.

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