• Intimate Spray Stud 100 for men - TV001636

Intimate Spray Stud 100 for men - TV001636

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Quick finish - good only in the sport. Sexually, he - a negative value, so thousands of men around the world have invented hundreds of ways of extending sex. It was not until as long as the sale does not appear Spray to prolong intercourse Stud 100. This spray prolong sexual intercourse 3 times, without side effects. Stud-100 Spray is used by men to prolong sexual pleasure for themselves and their partner.
The ability to spray prolong sexual intercourse, due to the fact that its active ingredient is lidocaine - a local anesthetic beautiful. Getting on the skin of the penis, it reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings and slows them coming from the nerve impulses, thereby delaying the onset of orgasm.
Effective prolongator Spray Stud 100 - an excellent remedy for men who want to surprise their women, without taking once more tablets and similar medicines. The main advantage is its spray method of application without any harm to the body.
The preparation comprises a light lubricant is not harmful for the skin, colorless, non-toxic.
Application: Spray is easy to use, designed for external use only, in order to achieve the desired effect, you need only shake the can well, then for 3-10 minutes before sexual intercourse 3-5 times lightly spray around the head of the penis contents of the cartridge at 10 cm. After 5-15 minutes the drug begins to act. The effect lasts about 40 minutes.
Avoid contact with the means in the eyes, face and nasal cavity.
Registration number: 1C 42/50.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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