• Herbal drink Safflower Banthai - TV001509

Herbal drink Safflower Banthai - TV001509

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Safflower - this is a very well-known in Thai traditional medicine which is used to improve blood circulation, treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and tumors. Safflower is able to cope with the different nature of the pain from menstrual until pain from bruises, various injuries and even post-operative. Flower with very serious medical properties, its strength can be adjusted always welding duration and quantity. For treatment is best to use a concentrated infusion and drink it on a tablespoon a day. Safflower broth helps to cope with excess weight, because in concentrated form safflower has a mild diuretic and laxative effect. But do not be afraid of this flower! Try it as a supplement in tea, it is safe and useful!
Prolonged use of safflower tea leads to a powerful diuretic effect. Moreover, a person may feel the urge, even with an empty bladder, which is associated with cleaning effects of tea on the kidneys - creates a constant flow of urine and more frequent emptying of the bladder.
In this case, it is desirable to discontinue the use of tea from safrole 10-14 days.
Chinese folk medicine recommends drinking tea safflower people with heart failure, patients with anemia and patients with numbness and insensitivity of the upper and lower extremities.
Safflower tea not only cures psoriasis, it is also able to:
- Eliminate irregularities in the intestine and help the body digest food quality;
- To cure ulcers, gastritis, jaundice;
- Clean the kidneys and liver;
- Facilitate skin nutrition;
- Dull, or completely eliminate pain;
- Reduce blood viscosity;
- Eliminate the syndromes and the consequences of a stroke;
- Normalize blood pressure;
- Stabilize the cardiovascular system;
- Safflower tea promotes healing of lacerations, tones and invigorates.
Flowers safflower improve circulation, reduce inflammation, prevent stroke and reduce the appearance of damage to the brain, which are possible in connection with the blocking of blood flow.
Quite often, safflower tea assigned as a means of prevention of cancers and psoriasis.
You may also want to drink tea from the flowers of safflower women suffering from such illnesses like amenorrhea and metritis. It helps tea and rheumatic pains.
Safflower tea perfectly cleanses the kidneys and liver, increases sweating and helps to heal the damaged intestinal walls. Periodically eating safflower tea, the skin is clean, smooth and healthy.
Application: Pour 1 sachet to 150 ml of hot water. Let it brew. Then drink like regular tea.
Contraindications: pregnancy.
The product contains no preservatives, flavorings and colors!
Components of ingredients by diluting 150 ml of the liquid:
Safflower (Safflower) - 5.6%;
Sucrose (Sucrose) - 3.4%.
The packaging 15 sachets.
270 gr.
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