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2018-04-20 10:41:00

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Slimming capsules Car-B-Bock Pink with vitamin C (Dietary Supplement Product)

Manufacturer: Thailand
Product code: 4494-01
Vendor code: TV001680
Availability: Are available
Price: 14.32USD
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Herbal slimming capsules Car-B-Bock Pink with vitamin C - a popular Thai means to reduce weight in a pink box. Due to the composition of natural ingredients and extracts, it helps fight obesity, appetite control and take care of the condition of the skin and bodies (not least in the process of weight loss), without causing harm to the body. Without laxative and sedative effect and addiction.
Advantages of capsules slimming Car-B-Bock Pink:
- Monitor and reduce the weight,
- Have no sedative effect
- Reduce the feeling of hunger,
- Reduce cholesterol levels in the blood,
- Inhibit the synthesis of fat,
- After stopping there is rapid growth in the effect of body weight. As part of the only natural plant extracts.
The main components:
- Phyllanthus emblica. Phyllanthus emblica is a natural source of vitamin C, and the antibacterial properties, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, improves liver function.
- Extract of white kidney beans kidney. White bean extract blocks the absorption of fat from food, decreases appetite, and in particular sugar cravings. During clinical trials in France and Germany bean extract primarily helped reduce the level of fat in the waist and abdomen. Moreover, the process of weight reduction is not due to muscle mass, but only at the expense of fat. After testing the control group treated with the extract of white kidney beans, could easily hold the weight for a further 12 weeks. White beans rich in vitamins, has a positive effect on skin, hair and nails, and iron content contributes to improving the functioning of the circulatory system.
- Cactus extract. This dietary supplement suppresses appetite, making you stop overeating. From cactus extract were isolated molecules that trick our brains, telling him that he was hungry. And the body begins to expend energy to burn fat depots. And another useful property of cactus extract, this decrease low-density lipoprotein, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders. This extract is the only one that safely suppresses the feeling of hunger.
- Extract of Garcinia cambogia. Garcinia cambogia extract improves digestion and promotes rapid saturation. It is used as a means of cleansing the body of toxins. Extract of Garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid, which helps to reduce appetite, reduce fat synthesis and promotes the burning of their own body fat. It improves metabolism and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
- Green tea extract. It is used as a tool for weight loss, anti-oxidant, it helps to speed up metabolism. It is added to almost all creams and slimming capsules. A high content of catechins, caffeine, vitamins, and various groups, due to this, it controls the level of blood sugar.
- Chromium picolinate. Chromium Picolinate is a biologically active food supplement that restores and maintains the content of chromium in the body, normalizes lipid metabolism and lowers blood glucose levels. BAA is well absorbed and has no toxicity, is a natural source of nutrients.
Application: 1 capsule per day before meals.
The package contains 30 capsules of 1061 mg.
Composition of the product Phyllanthus emblica (500 mg), White kidney bean extract (250 mg), Cactus extract (250 mg), Garcinia Cambogia extract (50 mg), Green tea extract (10 mg), Chromium picolinate 1.08 mg (0.16% ), Chromium 0.13 mg.
Packing Quantity (pcs) Phyllanthus emblica (500 mg), White kidney bean extract (250 mg), Cactus extract (250 mg), Garcinia Cambogia extract (50 mg), Green tea extract (10 mg), Chromium picolinate 1.08 mg (0.16% ), Chromium 0.13 mg.

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