• Bee pollen - TV001044

Bee pollen - TV001044

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Bee pollen - this is truly unique and useful product of life bees to human health, collected from different plants. Scientists have long proven that pollen is able to improve the human immune system and the body's resistance to various viruses and diseases. This bioactive product contains a large amount of amino acids and trace elements. Among them - potassium, essential for the normal operation of the heart muscle, high maintenance routine, contributing to strengthening the capillaries.
Bee pollen - is a completely natural treatment medication, can quickly restore power after heavy physical exertion and keep the youth for many years. It tones up the human body, improves sleep and appetite, which is especially important after recovering from serious illnesses. Bee pollen can help overcome fatigue, stress, stimulate mental capacity and improve efficiency. In addition, patients taking honey pollen marked improvement tissue's ability to regenerate. It is worth noting that the pollen from Thailand will be useful for people suffering meteosensitivity provided reception on days with adverse weather conditions and meteorological parameters. There is also a positive thing for women who are fond of diets and weight loss - pollen prevents the breakdown of proteins in the body, thus accelerating fat loss. For men - is a valuable tool in the treatment and prevention of prostatitis. How to take bee pollen? For best performance, it is necessary to use bee pollen in the morning on an empty stomach or as a breakfast substitute in combination with fruit. As a tonic to give children 3-5 years 2 dessert spoons in the morning half an hour before meals. Children 5-10 years - three teaspoons. Adults - four (the number can be broken down for the whole day). If it is difficult to eat the pollen, you can drink water or dilute honey in equal proportions. In our online store you will find many more useful and natural products, delivered straight from Thailand that have positive health effects on your body.
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