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Curative ginger drink Banthai (Ginger drink) (270 gr.)

Manufacturer: Thailand
Product code: 4326-01
Vendor code: TV001512
Availability: Not available
Price: 4.58USD
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Ginger is used in all fields of medicine. Ginger strengthens the immune system, calms the nervous system, increases the sharpness of mind and improves memory and concentration, rejuvenates. It is a good tonic, useful in the mental, emotional and physical fatigue. It can help you overcome stress and rejuvenate. Ginger stimulates digestion and formation of gastric juice improves gastric secretion. Essential amino acids, which is rich in ginger, are very important for normal metabolism in the body, including fat metabolism - that's why Ginger is often used in weight loss diets. Ginger improves blood circulation, thereby, increases the metabolism in the body, which is the reason for the loss of extra kilograms.
Men who use ginger can get rid of many problems in the sexual sphere: to significantly improve the potency, get rid of impotence, cure inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system (prostatitis), to restore their sexual activity, improve overall energy levels in the body. For maximum effect and benefit for men, enough to use the minimum amount of ginger.
The main beneficial properties of ginger: anti-inflammatory; analgesic; exciting; diaphoretic; bactericidal; tonic; antiemetic; soothing; expectorant; immunostimulant.
Application: Pour 1 sachet to 150 ml of hot water. Let it brew. Then drink like regular tea.
Contraindications: pregnancy.
The product contains no preservatives, flavorings and colors!
Constituent ingredients by diluting 100 ml of liquid:
Ginger extract (extract ginger) - 7.5%;
Sucrose (Sucrose) - 2.5%.
The packaging 15 sachets.
Packing Quantity (pcs)

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