• Natural ginger tea with cane sugar Ginger - TV001513

Natural ginger tea with cane sugar Ginger - TV001513

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Natural ginger tea granules - a popular "health drink" Thailand, with a pleasant tart taste.
Gingen Tea made from natural extracts of ginger and very good for health. This tea is an excellent preventive and therapeutic means for colds. Ginger tea is well warms the body, helps with cough and catarrhal general malaise, returning the vigor and strength.
Ginger tea also stimulates the immune system and with regular use of this "health drink" you will no longer catch a cold, improve overall body tone.
It is also recognized that ginger tea - effective and safest tool in the fight against overweight. Tea with natural ginger accelerates metabolism, and improves digestion.
Application: pour the tea bag to 150 ml of hot water, stir. The drink obtained is very colorful, rich and fragrant.
Completely natural composition of tea:
- Ginger extract (extract ginger) - 75%;
- Cane sugar (Cane sugar) - 15%;
- Sucrose (Sucrose) - 10%.
It does not contain artificial additives and colorings.
The package contains 10 packages.
180 gr.
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