• Anti-cellulite massage cream for body Hot Massage Body Cream - TV000850

Anti-cellulite massage cream for body Hot Massage Body Cream - TV000850

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Effective herbal anti-cellulite cream-gel for weight loss with an intense warming effect Hot Massage Body Cream is powered by three active ingredients:
- Ginger extract – has a warming and local irritant effects, enhances blood circulation and supplies the cellulite-affected tissues, improving their nutrition and normalize metabolic processes. It is also a great antioxidant which rejuvenates the skin, making it smooth and elastic, removes toxins, toxins and excess fluid, heals damage.
- Black pepper extract – helps enhance the effect of absorption of active ingredients, providing deeper penetration, which is necessary because the top layer of skin – the epidermis, is dead, and the required power of the living layer – dermis. Being a natural antioxidant itself, thanks to its ability to enhance the effect of any associated components. Black pepper extract – is a real storehouse of valuable nutrients, minerals, vitamins and energy. And if European medicine until quite actively using this natural medicine, the doctors of the East are well aware of its beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract; the ability to normalize sleep, metabolism, burn calories. Not for nothing, black pepper extract is an integral part of the most effective anti-cellulite remedies for skin care.
- An extract from chili peppers has a powerful drainage effect, accelerates blood circulation and helps relieve swelling.
All these ingredients together ensure effective removal of toxins from the skin, reduce the appearance of "orange peel" satin smoothness of the skin and helps burn fat. The skin on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves looks tight, fresh, cellulite retreats.
Of course, when you exercise – the effect of weight loss and suspenders will be increased many times. With regular massage using Massage Hot Body Cream buyers note the clear result in the form of smoother thigh, stomach and buttocks.
Application: daily 1-2 times daily, with light massage movements put the cream in a small amount in the region of accumulation of subcutaneous fat. To achieve greater effect, some recommend to use a body wrap. However, be careful: when heated, burning feeling in connection with extracts of pepper, ginger and Chile in a medium can manifest much more intense! For the same reason should not in the first application, apply anti-cellulite gel on the heated skin immediately after a shower or after intense physical exercise before going to the sauna.
120 gr.
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