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Slimming capsules Lishou - TV001186

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Lishou Capsules (Lishou) - is the latest improved means to reduce body weight, has incorporated the most effective developments and research in this area. If you have previously used any drugs for weight loss and have been ineffective, then medication will Lishou viable alternative to previous attempts to lose weight. Lishou The drug can be used without age limit, however, the greatest effect was detected in women over 30 years old.
Lishou Capsules provide a complex effect on the body in order to reduce weight. This strong suppression of hunger, and create a sense of aversion to excessively high-calorie foods, and smooth transfer of the body's metabolism in high mode. All these factors make it possible to organize a good nutrition, balanced by the number of calories, do not lead to a sharp loss of fluid in the body, which suppresses the body mass is too rapid relief and prevents the appearance of various anomalies on the skin (stretch marks, scars, skin laxity).
The composition of Lishou preparation consists predominantly natural ingredients derived from plants of Southeast Asia. It flowers and lotus leaves, bitter orange extract, Poria, cassia seed tori, Chinese bitter fruit extract, honey and senna. This composition, and provides the most powerful fat burning formulation Lishou action. The extract of bitter orange contains a large number of chemical compounds synephrine, which is involved in the process of splitting fat cells and translate them into energy. Synephrine effect similar to the effect of ephedrine, banned in many countries, however, synephrine does not cause side effects in the nervous and cardiovascular systems, so using it is completely harmless and capsules can be used by different age groups of people.
Senna, a member of Lishou normalizes the gastrointestinal tract without causing any laxative or locking action. Other components Lishou reinforce the process of lipolysis, or contribute to this, as well as normalize the overall metabolism in the body.
Lishou is possible not only to provide weight reduction, but also to prevent his re-set.
The manufacturer claims that, thanks to the capsules Lishou is possible to achieve a stable weight loss in women tends age or exceeded forty years abroad. Despite the poor performance of previous attempts, the reception of the drug would lead to significant weight loss, of course, if they are strictly adhered to all the recommendations of the manufacturer.
Since the capsules involves quite intense fat burning, prior consultation is mandatory trusted doctor, and if you have any unwanted side effects should seek professional medical help immediately and stop taking this medication.
Application: one capsule washed down with water, taken in the morning an hour before breakfast reception. During the whole course of treatment Lishou fluid intake need to increase to two liters per day. To prevent sleep disorders receive capsules should occur no later than 14-15 hours before sleep time, as the process of splitting fat cells releases a tremendous amount of energy and the overall tone of the body becomes high, it can cause insomnia.
Course duration is not more than 2 months. Repeat the course is permitted no earlier than 12-18 months after the end of treatment.
While taking the capsules Lishou moderate exercise, adequate age and physical fitness, highly desirable. In case of insufficient physical activity unspent energy can become a cause of serious health problems.
in the field of weight loss experts suggest that throughout the course of the drug on a daily basis for at least half an hour to devote lessons in the gym or fitness center.
Contraindications: not allowed to take Lishou persons with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system and hypertension, persons under 18 years of age and older than 65 years, pregnancy, lactation and are hypersensitive to the drug components.
The package of 36 capsules.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 36

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