• Anti-cellulite cream Dr. Eric «Dr. Eric» - TV000991

Anti-cellulite cream Dr. Eric «Dr. Eric» - TV000991

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The unique formula of the well-known anti-cellulite cream was developed by Dr. Eric from Australia.
The cream has the effect of warming up and the ability to penetrate deeply into the subcutaneous fat cells, destroying excess fat in the body.
Cream in Thailand and in other countries using not only women but also men, who are watching their figures.
Many athletes and bodybuilders use this cream.
The cream promotes active blood circulation, accelerates blood in his veins.
This increases metabolism and actively displays the body of harmful substances, waste products and toxins.
Just in front of melting fat, reduced fat layer, smoothed and straightened the skin, increases its elasticity and firmness.
In Thailand, many professional masseuses at massage parlors are successfully used the cream for massage.
However, they often use a special film to wrap the body parts of the problem.
The cream has a specific smell, which is caused by contained in the cream, ginger and black pepper.
The active current components:
• Special massage oil on the basis of sweet almond
• Special massage oil based marilandskoy Spigelia
• Massage oil based on sunflower seeds (sunflower oil)
• Preheat the ginger oil
• Preheat the oil-based black pepper
• Vitamin E
Application: massiruschimi circular movements from the bottom up to rub the cream into problem areas for 3-5 minutes until completely absorbed into the skin.
500 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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