• Snake meat powder to enhance male potency Siam Snake Farm - TV001474

Snake meat powder to enhance male potency Siam Snake Farm - TV001474

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Natural product from a mixture of powdered snake meat, bile Cobra and herbs, produced in Thailand on the famous snake farm SIAM SNAKE international.
This drug restores the sexual potency of men and spermatogenesis, increases blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis, which contributes to the onset of a reliable and long erection.
Improves functioning of the prostate gland.
In addition, the powder of snake meat helps with pain in the bones, joints and muscles, prolongs years of life.
Dosage and use: mix snake meat powder with 700ml of any alcoholic beverage. The maximum recommended dose for consumption at one time – not more than 20 ml. Before use, the infusion must be vigorously shaken.
The drug should be consumed inside during a meal, 4-6 hours before the intended sexual intercourse.
Snake factory is under the patronage of the world organization of the red cross.
The drug is certified by the Ministry of health of Thailand.

30 gr.

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