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Capsules Bitter Cucumber Thanyaporn (general tonic) - TV000322
The main component of the capsules Bitter Cucumber is - Momordica or bitter cucumber (burning a cucumber). In traditional oriental medicine is used as an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agent. It is also used for the prevention of diabetes and digestive disorders. In its composition contains ch..
8.40USD 6.30USD
Capsules Boraped Thanyaporn for the treatment of colds - TV000411
Boraped Capsules (Tinospora crispa) - Natural herbal preparation based on Tinospory plants for the treatment of colds, flu, fever, SARS, acute respiratory infections, to reduce fever, coughing, fever, general malaise, and for detoxification of the body during the colds and viral diseases. Tin..
Capsules Cat's Whisker Thanyaporn (against rheumatism, diabetes and kidney stones) - TV000324
Natural Capsules Cat's Whisker. The plant belongs to the cat's whisker Lamiaceae family. This is one of the most popular drug in folk medicine. It is used in Southeast Asia for the treatment of a wide range of diseases: rheumatism, diabetes, kidney stones and gall bladder, hepatitis, jaundice..
5.95USD 4.55USD
Capsules Fah Talai Jone Thanyaporn from a cold and asthma - TV000410
Capsules Fah Talai Jone - this popular Thai antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of colds and lung diseases. It is used for sore throat, flu, SARS, acute respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, as well as in the treatment of asthma. When used Fah Talai Jone breathi..
5.95USD 4.55USD
Capsules for memory enhancement Ginkgo Biloba Thanyaporn - TV000413
Ginkgo Biloba Capsules reduce the likelihood of heart attacks and heart attacks, lower cholesterol. Contain flavoglikozidy, proanthocyanidins, which protect the walls of blood vessels from damage by free radicals. The drug improves cerebral blood circulation and supplies oxygen to the brain, ther..
6.30USD 5.25USD
Capsules for potency Butea Superba Thanyaporn - TV000240
  Every man should feel both inside and outside of a real man. But it happens that the internal program breaks down and there are some problems with potency. Many are afraid to even talk about it. There is a solution! Capsules Butea Superba (Kwao Kruea Daeng) is a great tool for pote..
10.15USD 8.05USD
Capsules for weight loss Black Pepper, Prick Thai Dum Thanyaporn - TV000409
Famous Thai slimming capsules Black Pepper. The main component - growing in the jungles of a special kind of black pepper. Pepper clears the body of all toxins, normalizes metabolism, helps burn fat, it does not load the kidneys and adrenal glands. Subject to the normal diet on weight loss occurs..
7.00USD 5.25USD
Capsules Hanuman Prasarnkay Thanyaporn (treatment of cough) - TV000331
Herbal capsules Hanuman Prasarnkay - the newest tool for the treatment of dry, irritating cough, especially very good for coughs caused by allergies. The drug has expectorant. It softens the throat, relieves asthma and colds. Treats different throat infection. It normalizes the immune and endocri..
8.40USD 6.30USD
Capsules Hematinic, Cassia Siamea Thanyaporn (treatment of insomnia) - TV000323
Capsules Hematinic - drug against insomnia, relieves stress and helps with pain in the joints. The natural calming and relaxing fitosredstv insomnia, nervous tension relief on the basis of the plant Cassia Siameya. It is also a medicinal plant Cassia is known not only as a sedative and mi..
8.40USD 5.95USD
Capsules Jiao Gu Lan Thanyaporn - elimination of toxins and rejuvenation - TV000414
Capsules Jiao Gu Lan - the secret of youth Thai people. A powerful antioxidant, normalizes metabolism, stimulates the immune system, prevents the development of cancer process, the recovery of cells already infected with cancer. It stops the development of lung cancer, cervical, liver and melanom..
10.85USD 9.10USD
Capsules Ka Min Chan (treatment of stomach) - TV000326
Capsules Ka Min Chan - turmeric supplement to food. Perennial herb, kind of Turmeric (Curcuma) of the ginger family. The turmeric (Curcuma Longa Linn) contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, vitamin C, K, B2, OT. It promotes the development of bile and gastric juice, is a means, which increas..
5.95USD 4.90USD
Capsules Kaminkur, Haam Thanyaporn (treatment of diabetes) - TV000417
Capsules Kaminkur - means for general cleansing of the body and weight loss. Grind branches of wild vines. Clears vein and cholesterol deposits from blood vessels, thus reducing blood pressure. It normalizes blood sugar levels, improves memory. With prolonged use, promote weight loss, improve mem..
Capsules Kan Plu Thanyaporn (treatment of stomach) - TV000329
Capsules Kan Plu - reduce ulcer pain, accelerate its scarring, as well as have a choleretic and anti-parasitic properties, has antibacterial and antifungal activity, infectious diarrhea stops. It contains large amounts of antioxidants. It is recommended for hypotension, muscle weakness, and multi..
Capsules Kra Chai Thanyaporn (general tonic) - TV000328
Capsules Kra Chai - to improve health. (Boesenbergia rotunda or Boesenbergiya Rotunda, Kra Chai) - a plant of Southeast Asia, has traditionally been used to improve the cardiovascular system, for general strengthening of the body, to enhance male sexual function. It provides a very good tonic eff..
Capsules Lingzhi Thanyaporn (fortifying agent) - TV000412
The second name of the fungus Ganoderma - immortality. His associate, many centuries ago, with such effect, said that eating this mushroom body younger, it becomes easier, and old age comes much later. Now, in our time, in order to prove this hypothesis, the series of studies have been conducted ..
8.40USD 6.30USD