• Panang Curry Paste with Creamed Coconut Lobo -TV001914

Panang Curry Paste with Creamed Coconut Lobo -TV001914

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Paste for easy and quick cooking of delicious meat dishes of Thai cuisine Panang Curry.
For cooking Panang Curry (2-3 servings) You will need 300 gr. chopped meat (beef or chicken), lime leaves (2-3 leaves) and spicy dried chilli (optional). Garnish usually served with steamed rice.
Method of preparation: heat a deep pan, adding the contents of the package, and 50 ml of water, mixed thoroughly until paste is completely dissolved. Then add 300 gr. chopped chicken or beef, cook about 10 minutes, until tender meat, add 250 ml of hot water, stirring constantly. It is desirable to add fragrance to Thai dried spices 3-4 kafir lime leaf. Add optional chopped chilli, fish sauce and sugar to taste. Serve with rice as a side dish.
Ingredients: coconut cream 40%, lemongrass 11%, sugar 10%, chilli 8%, garlic 8%, shallots 6%, ground nuts 5%, salt 5%, shrimp paste 2%, fish sauce 1%.

100 gr.

Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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