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Set of dried spices for Thai cooking famous Thai Tom Yam soup, as well as for the preparation of Thai coconut chicken soup Tom Ka Kai and various kinds of Thai curry - red curry, green curry or curry Phangan.
As part of the set of Tom Yam only natural dried herbs and spices:
• galangal root - 20 g;
• lime leaves kaffrskogo - 4.8 grams;
• lemongrass or lemongrass- 13.2 grams;
• Thai pungent chili pepper - 2 grams.
All these spices - galangal, chilli, lime and kaffirsky lemograss, are essential components of the most famous Thai soup Tom Yam Kung and many other Thai dishes.
Recipe soup Tom Yam Kung:
To prepare you need:
Shrimp - 200 g;
Mushrooms (mushrooms or oyster mushrooms) - 100 g;
Tomato - 1 piece;
Fish sauce (soy sauce);
Set of dried herbs Tom Yam Set;
Coconut milk - 100 ml;
Lime juice (lemon juice);
Tom Yam Paste;
Chicken broth or water.
In the boiling broth to put peeled raw shrimp, dried spices set for Tom Yam soup and sliced ​​mushrooms.
Cook for about 3-4 minutes, then add 1 tbsp. Tom Yam paste spoon, sliced ​​tomato, lime juice, soy sauce and sugar to taste.
Add 100 ml coconut milk and garnish the finished soup chopped coriander.
40 gr.
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