• Thai oyster sauce Maekrua brand - TV001859

Thai oyster sauce Maekrua brand - TV001859

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Thai oyster sauce for cooking huge quantities of delicious Thai and Chinese dishes: grilled meat with vegetables and mushrooms, shrimp in Thai, steamed vegetables and much more. To use oyster sauce is available almost everywhere, but is especially good when added to meat dishes.

For example, marinate it in oyster sauce chicken or meat kebab, you get a very tasty mild BBQ meat in Thai style oyster sauce is great to marinade meat before frying lends a very rich taste of grilled meat or chicken and does not burn the skewers when roasting on the coals.

Oyster sauce is added to dishes during the cooking process. The perfect combination is a pan-fried dish of finely cut beef, broccoli or green beans and oyster sauce.

Oyster sauce is a thick sauce of dark color with a slightly sweet mild flavor with a pronounced aroma of oysters. It contains many amino acids necessary for the human body.

Oyster sauce manufactures from extract of oysters, along with caramel, salt and sugar, through which the sauce becomes thick, viscous consistency.

After opening the bottle the sauce from oysters stored in the refrigerator.

Ingredients: oyster extract 30%, sugar is 22.5%, salt 19%, soy extract (18%, wheat flour of 7.41%, corn starch 3%.

150 ml.

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