• Dried shiitake mushrooms - TV001483

Dried shiitake mushrooms - TV001483

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Dried Shiitake mushrooms, or "Chinese mushrooms longevity", widely used in the preparation of many dishes of Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisines.
Shiitake mushrooms are highly valued both for its unique deep "meat" taste and aroma is very bright, and for health benefits that the Chinese fungus of longevity. Eating Shiitake reduce blood cholesterol levels, accelerate metabolism, and the most important feature - a reduction of high blood pressure in hypertensive patients.
Shiitake mushrooms are well retain their flavor and taste in dried form. Before using dried Shiitake need to soak for 15-20 minutes in hot water.
Shiitake mushrooms are widely used in soups, stews or roasted vegetables with meat or chicken.
The mushroom soup was added over ten minutes until cooked, pre-cut into strips Shiitake. Very delicious food with Asian influences is clearly derived from roasted meat or chicken Shiitake mushrooms with a small amount of vegetables.
240 gr.
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