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Internet-shop "Thai Voyage" offers natural female cashmere scarves production Thailand and Cambodia at an affordable price. All scarves are made of high quality material and unique in its texture. Dimensions:. 170 x 70 cm Material - 100% cashmere (pashmina - a mixture of silk and finest wool), the edges stole decorated with fringe.
Cashmere fabric dearly appreciated because of its quality and naturalness, moreover, it is handmade. Scarf Cashmere (Pashmina) thin, warm, soft, practical and does not cause allergies. Made from wool scarf mountain goats. In this scarf you will feel comfortable.
Cashmere scarf is suitable in any weather. In winter warm scarf, and in the summer it will be a nice accessory for evening dress. In addition, such a luxurious scarf is a good gift for any woman.
How to care? Very simple. Wash cashmere shawl should only be performed manually. Soak the scarf in cool water with a delicate cleanser. Give shawl urinate half an hour. After a rinse in clean water. Gently squeeze the water. It can be used for this towel so that it absorbed moisture into itself. Dry handkerchief away from sunlight, not to lose color.
How to store? Shawl of the cashmere fabric folded takes up very little space in your closet. You can remove a scarf in a cloth bag.
If you observe these simple rules, your scarf from cashmere will delight you with their impeccable views of many years.
When you checkout on a cashmere shawl, simply specify in the note, which the coloring and pattern you want.
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