• Traditional Thai orange tea number 1 - TV001048

Traditional Thai orange tea number 1 - TV001048

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Now buy tea is quite simple. Large range of various prices and vendors of choice so much that the eyes diverge from the abundance of products. But to buy a really high-quality and truly useful drink do not always get on the shelves of supermarkets. But "Thai Voyage" in our store to find the right and good product is very easy! We suggest to try the orange tea from Thailand - the most popular tea drink in this country. Fortified black tea brewing process gets interesting deep orange hue. Eat can be both hot and cold.
How to make tea? Very simple! Here are recipes for a delicious tea. Two ways: hot and cold.
• The teapot to fill a tablespoon of the mixture and pour boiling water. Let it brew for a few minutes. Add the condensed milk. Tea drink will find a beautiful carrot color.
• Brew tea. Put the sugar and lemon. Mix. In a glass put ice and pour him tea.
This simple cooking does not take much time and will bring pleasant aromatic notes of saturated useful drink. Enjoy! ".
400 gr.
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