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Thai green milk tea with chlorophyll number 1 (200 gr.)

Manufacturer: Thailand
Product code: 3757-01
Vendor code: TV001047
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Price: 3.64USD
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In Thailand, there is a national favorite and all milk green tea. Delicious and rich tea drink called "emerald" because it has an unusually bright green hue, as well as milk, slightly creamy taste and pleasant aroma. This is truly a noble vitamin tea cleanses, tones and rejuvenates the body. Green tea contains a part of chlorophyll, which has beneficial effects on the body. What does the chlorophyll?
- The ability to fight infections and cancer;
- Supports the immune system and the hematopoietic system;
- Restoration and maintenance of intestinal microflora;
- Destruction of bad breath and gum disease treatment;
- Elimination of toxins from the body;
- Healing from skin rashes;
- Increased milk production in lactating women.
How to brew green tea?
• One or two teaspoons of leaves pour boiling water into the teapot. Let it brew. When submitting additional pour condensed milk.
• Two tablespoons of mixture of two tablespoons of milk, two cups of hot water. Mix all. Insist 5-10 minutes. Pour into glasses with ice cubes.
And you can enjoy the magnificent tea beverage.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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