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Royal Blue Tea Anchan - a Thai orchid flowers (clitoria), also called papilionaceous peas. Such a tea beverage has an interesting natural blue. In particular, he has a positive effect on the female body.
Gather buds just in the morning. Dry. Is subjected to the oxidation process. Again, dried and rolled into curls. This procedure is done very carefully so as not to damage the raw material and leave the nutrients.
Why do you need to drink a drink?
- Tea prevents hair loss and reduces the probability of occurrence of gray hair;
- Improves skin and strengthening nails;
- Restores vision;
- Improves memory;
- Purifies the blood and blood vessels;
- Relieves stress, gives strength and fills the body with iron.
All these properties carries a natural tea.
How to make healing tea drink?
Pour the boiling water a few flowers. Let it brew. Pour into cups and serve.
To strengthen the hair: 10 flowers per 200 ml. boiling water for 20 minutes. Mix with one liter of ordinary water and rinse your hair resulting liquid.
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