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Tea Safflower + Garcinia Thanyaporn for weight loss

Manufacturer: Thanyaporn
Product code: 3774-01
Vendor code: TV001064
Availability: Are available
Price: 2.28USD
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Herbal tea made from Safflower combined with Garcinia in easy to brew filter bags manufacturer from Thai herbal products Thanyaporn Herbs.
Tea from the flowers of safflower (another name – wild saffron) and Garcinia cambogia has a bright orange color and a floral fruity taste with a pleasant acidity.
Safflower tea with Garcinia take to normalize blood pressure as heart tonic, and most importantly – to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and to reduce body weight. The flowers of Safflower or wild saffron promotes the normalization of metabolism in the body and Garcinia cambogia reduces appetite.
Also, safflower Garcinia tea is effective in diseases of liver and gallbladder – the tea has a choleretic action and reduces the risk of stone formation in the gallbladder.
Safflower tea with Garcinia recommended to drink for people suffering from diabetes – tea regulates the level of sugar in the blood and prevents internal inflammation, which are often in people with diabetes.
The composition of flowers of Safflower, crushed fruit Garcinia cambogia.
Very convenient for brewing packages inside milled the pieces Garcinia cambogia extract and Safflower petals, the whole process of brewing involves pouring over tea bag in boiling water.
Application: tea bag, pour 200 ml of hot water, leave for a few minutes, squeeze well with a spoon bag. Drink warm or cold several times a day.
Pack of 20 sachets.
Packing Quantity (pcs) Packing of 20 sachets

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