• Vietnamese coffee S Trung Nguyen - TV002329

Vietnamese coffee S Trung Nguyen - TV002329

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380 THB

The original Vietnamese ground coffee of the famous brand S Trung Nguyen is exactly the same “folk” aromatic coffee with a chocolate note in taste, which is widely drunk in Vietnam.
Vietnamese coffee S Trung Nguyen is a ground blend of Arabica, Robusta, Catimor and Excelsa:
Arabica in the composition of coffee gives a rich, thick coffee taste with a slight sourness.
Robusta gives a light bitterness and coffee strength.
Catimor is a hybrid of two varieties of coffee Cattura and Hibrido de Timor, has a very long fruity aftertaste.
Excelsa is a delicious but little-known coffee variety that adds an unusual flavor.
All these varieties combined in one coffee from Vietnam called S or, as it is more often called, "coffee with a boat."
Vietnamese coffee S Trung Nguyen has a medium grind, dark roast, but the beans are not overcooked.
Weight 500 grams, made in Vietnam.

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