• Ground Cambodian coffee Mondulkiri - TV001955

Ground Cambodian coffee Mondulkiri - TV001955

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Unique organic plain coffee with chocolate taste.
Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, with a history spanning hundreds of years. Today we are all to some extent used it: someone – in its purest form, striving not to miss any notes of a harmonious composition, some with the spicy sharpness of the spices, hate blood, a lot of people prefer to soften the slight bitterness with a cap of whipped cream, melting seductive bite of vanilla ice cream or regular milk. Whatever Your coffee, it is incomparable if it is a product of Mondulkiri, born in distant Cambodia.
Mondulkiri is the largest province of Cambodia, which had an impeccable environment, the special climate and fertile soil. The coffee here made for a long time, however, a new round of stories that shaped the course of events, was the capture of the country "under the wing" of France in the 19th century. Fine, elegant, famous for its fine taste sir sent process in the right direction, with the result that today the Cambodian coffee is one of the best in the world. It has everything: harmonious, full body, born of the interweaving of different music, a perfect fortress and astringency, unforgettable aftertaste. We offer You to make your own impression of the legendary drink: atmospheric package of ground coffee of the highest quality – a gift to a loved one, boss, friend, and, in the end, his beloved.
This type of ground coffee Mondulkiri represented by a combination of powerful Robusta beans (80%) and Arabica (20%) fried at a special Franco-Cambodian technology. The most remarkable feature of the product being organic, produced in clean areas and without any additives, it has a mild chocolate flavor, which is crazy as avid coffee drinkers and people who drink "from case to case." This cultivar is recommended to cook in Turku, it is necessary to try in a pure form, but with additives, milk, cream, ice cream, it will blend in excellently. Coffee holiday, coffee dessert, coffee enjoyment is Mondulkiri!
500 gr.
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