• Green tea with flavor lemon - TV001826

Green tea with flavor lemon - TV001826

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Green tea with flavor lemon can be used for handling the day with any diet. Recommended the whole day to drink only tea with lemon and water. Such a discharge day will help to rid the body of harmful ballast, ascorbic acid will clean and strengthen blood vessels. Try having a warm drink 40-45 °C, at this temperature, the liquid is quickly absorbed and promotes better blood flow. Better tea with lemon drink without sugar.
The combination of tea and lemon has a favorable effect on bowel function, so it is appropriate to drink at any diet. It is recommended to drink 3-4 cups a day, this dose allows you to activate metabolic processes in all tissues in which the reserves of carbohydrates and fats transformirovalsya into energy.
Brew like regular tea.
80 gr.

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