• Healing drink Bengal Quince, Matum Banthai - TV001511

Healing drink Bengal Quince, Matum Banthai - TV001511

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Wooden apple, Bael, Matum, Bengal Quince - This tropical fruit has many names. The drink prepared from this fruit has a unique flavor and a pleasant exotic taste. This herbal drink has a light and refreshing effects.
Matum is considered one of the best-known medicinal plants. It is used for the treatment of brain and cardiovascular system. Also this plant effectively cope with recurrent colds, bronchitis and various types of SARS. By consuming tea made from a wooden apple, you help your body deal with the negative effects of smoking. Also, drink a positive effect on the digestive tract activities (providing astringent and antiseptic effect). This tea soothes perfectly, removes fatigue and stimulates the immune system. Wooden apple is able to lower the body temperature. All the positive qualities of this culture due to its composition. Matum incorporates carbohydrates, ascorbic acid, provitamin A, as well as the useful elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.
Application: Pour 1 sachet to 150 ml of hot water. Let it brew. Then drink like regular tea.
Contraindications: pregnancy.
The product contains no preservatives, flavorings and colors!
Constituent ingredients by diluting 100 ml of liquid:
Bengal quince (Bengal Quince) - 3.4%;
Sucrose (Sucrose) - 5.6%.
The packaging 15 sachets.
270 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs)

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