Natural Roasted Coffee Boncafe

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Roasted coffee Boncafe from Thailand - a leader in roasting and selling coffee for gourmet coffee and Machinery in South-East Asia and the Middle East. Special mild chocolate flavor with a hint of floral make this coffee unique.
The definition of "good coffee" is subjective and is determined largely on the basis of personal preferences. The taste of coffee depends on a few key points:
- Always use fresh coffee beans and store them properly;
- Grind coffee beans just before cooking. This will ensure the best flavor of the coffee. If ground coffee beans will be outdoors for more than 20 minutes, they can become rancid;
- Always use a clean coffee maker. Oily deposits on the coffee machine can make coffee taste bitter;
- Always use clean water. The unfiltered water, boiling water too long or repeated boiling water displaces oxygen and this affects the taste of coffee;
- Always drink freshly brewed coffee. Serve coffee immediately to enjoy its full rich flavor and aroma;
- Always store coffee in airtight containers in a cool, dry place. Keep the coffee away from light, moisture and odors. Coffee quickly absorbs odors. Do not keep the coffee in the refrigerator.
In our online store "Thai Voyage" natural roasted coffee Boncafe in the range:
- Mocca powder: Dark brown chocolate in Arabic style. For sweet lovers! Mocha powder;
- Espresso powder: A traditional dark roast and a fortress in the Italian style. For true connoisseurs of coffee! Espresso powder;
- Morning powder: dark roasting. Very strong coffee, good spirits in the morning! Coffee "Morning" ground;
- All Day powder: The average strength of the coffee in the French style, so you can drink coffee all day long! Coffee "All day" ground;
- Classic coffee bean: Highland Arabica, Robusta. "Classic" coffee beans;
- Rama coffee bean: 100% pure without additives highland arabica. "Rama" coffee beans.
250 gr.
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