• Super coffee three in one with ginseng - TV002331

Super coffee three in one with ginseng - TV002331

  • Brand: Thailand
  • Product Code: 5151-01
  • Country of dispatch: Thailand
  • Vendor code: TV002331
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350 THB

Invigorating Thai three-in-one coffee with ginseng is an instant coffee with cream in Thai style with an invigorating rich taste from the Thai manufacturer of the Super Coffee coffee line.
The combination in one cup of two natural energy drinks, coffee and ginseng, prolongs the effect of cheerfulness and increases efficiency by an additional 1.5-2 times.
Thai super coffee with ginseng has a harmonious, soft, and at the same time rich taste.
Thai coffee with ginseng Super Coffee gives not only a double charge of vivacity and energy, but also has a beneficial effect on the brain, stimulates creativity, and eliminates drowsiness.
The composition of Thai Super Coffee with ginseng: sugar 47.9%, non-dairy creamer 40%, coffee 11%, ginseng extract 1%.
How to make coffee with ginseng: Dilute 1 sachet in 150 ml of hot water.
The package contains 20 bags of 20 grams.

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