• Green tea with flavour Jasmine - TV001095

Green tea with flavour Jasmine - TV001095

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Jasmine tea is popular as a tea that combines the charm of the taste of green tea and jasmine flower flavor exquisite. Jasmine flowers are collected in Fuzhou for 15 of the hottest days of the year. Jasmine is beautiful and refined. His thin, but strong flavor perfectly emphasizes, but does not choke the taste of tea.
Jasmine tea has beneficial effects on a person's emotional state, improves vision, good for the liver and the blood, reduces weight, improves digestion, strengthens the heart, prolongs youth, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, thereby normalizing the physiological processes. Positive effect on the skin. The tea has beneficial effects on emotional state.
1. Use a clean, filtered water without impurities and odors.
2. Dishes for brewing jasmine tea may be white porcelain mug with lid can also be used a transparent glass beaker.
3. Recommended for brewing water temperature of about 85 degrees as green tea.
4. Usually, for the first time during the infusion lasts for 1-3 minutes, for each subsequent brewing longer than 30-40 seconds.
5. Jasmine good quality tea can be brewed 3-4 times while preserving the flavor of jasmine, it means that the aromatization of jasmine flowers was carried out at least 5-7 times.
6. Usually, jasmine tea is brewed in 1:50, about 3 grams. tea leaves is filled with 150 ml of hot water.
7. Drink tea after breakfast, lunch and dinner, that is after a meal.
It is recommended for pregnant women.
80 gr.
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