• Tea of chamomile flowers - TV001832

Tea of chamomile flowers - TV001832

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Chamomile tea in Thai traditions popular, no less than in other countries. Its calming, anti-inflammatory and metabolic properties has long been used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. And even when used as a Supplement to traditional chamomile tea duties, the drink provides not only a pleasant flavors, but also healing properties, helps to normalize sleep and improve overall health. In folk medicine, in the manufacture of infusions, teas and decoctions made use only of the flowers of chamomile, containing valuable essential oils. They provide the most effective therapeutic effect on inflammatory processes in the body, enhance immunity and normalize the nervous system. Another advantage of chamomile tea is the absence of contra-indications – it is used even colitis in infants in the first months of life, and is also used to treat children's colds.

Tasty and healthy tea of chamomile is an effective drug that helps in fighting common colds, increased flatulence, various kinds of inflammation and diabetes. With regular intake of chamomile tea the woman will increase the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

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