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  • Bitter Lemon Tea - TV000261

Bitter Lemon Tea - TV000261

  • Brand: Thailand
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  • Vendor code: TV000261
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50 THB
Tea bitter lemon is very popular in Thailand as a tonic, tonic and antioxidant that provide soft, but effective impact on all systems of the human body. Experts in traditional medicine claim that such tea will need to use during the seasonal low immunity and deficiency of vitamins as a elixir to give vivacity and accumulation of vital forces. Because solar energy bitter lemon can give energy and vigor to satiate even in times of stress or significant emotional stress. The combination of properties of black tea and bitter lemon gives the drink of these components a unique taste and exquisite aroma. Cold tea very refreshing in the heat, providing a tonic effect and regulating body temperature. And hot tea with lemon is very effective for colds, has a strong softening and anti-inflammatory action. It is widely used in the treatment of diseases of the throat, as a means for oral and gargles. Tea is also good to use when sickness and toxicosis of pregnant women as an antiemetic. Rich in essential oils, bitter lemon does not lose its medicinal properties even when in contact with hot water. On the contrary, under its influence of essential oil aktiviziruyutsya, providing restorative and immune-boosting effects, improving concentration and memory. And toning properties of tea provide a boost of energy, which is enough for the whole day active and full of life experiences.
80 gr.
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